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Cecily McMillan reflects on her time on Rikers Island and the Occupy Movement: “I think we need to begin building toward a social movement that is as inclusive of as many different classes and cultures, races, and genders, at the outset, to address the problems we have now.”

" The core problem, as the U.S. Conference of Mayors lays out, is not only the long period of economic stagnation for nine out of 10 Americans but the fact that, even in years of economic growth, only a handful benefit. As Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has stated repeatedly since 2000, nine out of 10 dollars from the nation’s economic growth have gone to the top 1 percent. What this means is that even though the economy has recently been growing at 2 percent annually—already a low number—less than 10 percent of that is left for the remaining 99 percent of the people. The bottom line is that the wealthy are capturing the lions share of income. "

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" 32,975 "


That’s the number of arrest warrants issued in Ferguson last year for nonviolent crimes. Compare that to the population of 21,135 people.

Ferguson is making bank off its own citizens

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Bill O’Reilly “does not believe in white privilege,” saying it’s a “big lie that is keeping some African-Americans from reaching their full potential.”

Now back to reality:

  • One in 3 black men can expect to go to prison at some point. 
  • A black college student “has the same chances of getting a job as a white high school dropout.” 
  • Media cover 19.5% of cases with missing African American children, while 33.2% of missing children cases involve black kids. 
  • At least “4 million African-Americans and Latinos experience housing discrimination each year.” 
  • While black Americans make up 14% of monthly drug users, “they are 37% of the people arrested for drug offenses.” 
  • We could go on and on and on

White privilege is best explained by a privileged white guy.

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