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Next time someone says catcalling is a compliment, show them this

It’s sadly no secret that many women around the world fear for their safety in public, but a new report has revealed that a startling number experience street harassment from an early age — and that plenty of men do, too.

The national report, conducted by the nonprofit organization Stop Street Harrassment (SSH), is sure to burst the bubble of those who still somehow insist that catcalling is a compliment. The report found that harassment adversely affects a disproportionate number of women, people of color and and LGBT individuals, and can leave harassees feeling frightened, angry and violated.

It’s time to start taking this issue seriously as an impediment to equality.

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Did you know that George Washington Carver, the master scientist, was physically castrated at a very young age
by his White plantation owners?

Back male slaves that were assigned to work in their master’s house were often castrated. 

Although it was the white slave owner that were raping their black slaves (males, females and children ) they —with an absurd degree of hypocrisy —believed that black males were sexual deviant that could not control their sexual urges.
The slave owners therefor believe that such castration of innocent Black boys was necessary to protect their daughters and wife from their slaves. 

The fact that Carver was castrated at an early age explains why his voice tone was so high. Carver voice tone was so high because his male hormones were never able to kick in. Male hormones (depending on the person) usually kick in between the ages of 9-16 years old. 

That is a wide range of years. After the male hormones kick in, it causes your voice to naturally become deeper with more of a base tone.

A person castrated before puberty almost never displays any secondary sexual characteristics.

This is also the reason why George Washington Carver never had any children. 
I am sure that the physical castration may also be the reason why Carver never married. 

Physical castration means that you cannot have sexual relations with anyone. There is not even an urge or desire to have sexual relationships after castration. 

Black people we have been given a revamped “whitewashed” version of history. A version that make whites appear less historically inhumane by hiding the true brutality of how they have treated we blacks throughout history. 

Black people conduct your own research and learn our true history.

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More children’s books for Afrodescendant children! 

Really cool that I’m friends with the authors of “Charlie and his Imaginary Friend” and “Isabella’s Hair and How She Learned to Love It.” All necessary. 

Here is a pinterest board dedicated to children’s books, I want them all:

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Shocking Facebook posts show the reality of domestic violence 

"Does this look like LOVE TO ANY ONE OF YOU?"

That was the rhetorical question Angela Bower posed to her friends and family after posting photos allegedly showing the brutal beating she took from her ex-partner.

The Tennessee woman said she took to her Facebook page not only as a cry for help but to raise awareness about the ugly reality that is domestic violence. 

Last week, Brower underwent surgery in Memphis for injuries, including a crushed eye socket and broken nose, according to WREG.

"She is lucky to be alive," Brower’s ex-husband Jason Brower told the station. 

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" Officers used deadly force in situations where the conduct of the officers heightened the danger and contributed to the need to use force. "

- Jocelyn Samuels, Acting Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice and Damon P. Martinez, Acting U.S. Attorney, District of New Mexico (via nprontheroad)

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Can you name the 5 #elements of #hiphop? 1. DJ 2. MC 3. Graffiti 4. B-Girl 5. Knowledge @5EGallery #Detroit #amc2014 (at Wayne State University)

Living for #AMC2014! If you’re in the #Detroit stop by or follow the #hashtag #BlackandCuba #organizingworks (at Wayne State University)